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The Hong Kong version of 16G iPhone4S prices only 4150 yuan

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  Apple iPhone4S design iPhone4 and almost as subtle, but also has some differences, obvious in the fuselage top and sides, is the ordinary cutting line. IPhone4S and CDMA version of iPhone4 in appearance, in addition to more than one SIM card slot, the other part is still the same. Recently 16G Hong Kong version of iPhone4S prices once again small drop, businessmen " geeks digital " the price is only 4150 yuan, likes the friend might as well pay attention to.

  Familiar faces screen size, resolution no change

  The largest iPhone4S upgrade lies in the following points. The first is the iPhone4S with new dual-core 1GHz A5 processor, speed of operation is the traditional theory of 2 times iPhone4, graphics performance is 7 times of the traditional iPhone4.

  The back cover is identical to iPhone4, only the top print text is slightly different

  In addition, iPhone4S will be equipped with the latest iOS 5 system, joined the talk function. At the same time iPhone4S in the camera also upgraded to 8000000 pixels, support for 1080P video recording function. While the network system will also support the GSM and CDMA mode, which is unexpected.

  Ratio of iPhone4 on both sides of the fuselage for more than a few of the cutting line

  Screen of iPhone4S still is 3.5 inches, resolution is 640x960 pixels, show the effect of impeccable. At the same time the built-in three axis gyroscope, electronic compass, a gravity sensor, such as GPS, nothing less.

  Editor comment:

  Upgrade dual-core A5 1GHZ processor, equipped with the latest iOS 5 system, to join talk function. Camera with respect to upgrade to 8000000 pixels, support for 1080P video shoot. The exterior of the camera body did not improve the regret.

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